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Vision & Mission 2020
No. 1 Travel Agency for domestic travel
Grow as a comany with No.1 Brand Value, No.1 Number of Tourists, No.1 Customer Service.

MissionGood Busines, Good Service

For various inbound travel service, Hanatour International have a group of expertise with over 10 years of experience developing tour products, and is the only company in the industry enforcing “Service Training” and “Service Evaluation” for employees.

Expertise of Travel Service
Distinguished Travel Service
Customer Satisfaction Service
  • Consistent surveys to keep up to the needs of our clients
  • Frequent inspections of tourist sights for gathering updated information
  • Planning of trips according to individuality and characteristics of our clients
  • All employees and guides are subject to mandatory “Service Training” and “Service Evaluation”
  • Customer Service Unit is operated for prompt and speedy service
  • Case studies of customer dissatisfaction are done to prevent customer complains beforehand
  • Competitive products produced due to the actualization of the economy of scale
  • Dependable products planned with cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Conduction of industrial tours and conferences participated by domestic and international companys

VisionNo.1 Brand Value

  • Customer oriented

    • Customer-centered mind
    • Realization of Customer satisfaction
    • Customer-aimed Service
  • Better Service

    • Service training mandatory
    • One-Stop Service Plan
    • Before-Service Plan
  • CEmployee Satisfaction

    • Piece rate applied
    • Improved welfare policies
    • Self-realization
  • Expand Capacity

    • Maximize combined worth
    • Competitiveness & strength on external negotiation
    • Prior occupation of market