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1G<br> Using date 15 days (after registration)





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Using 15days

Including 20,000KRW (=1GB)

One of Korea Biggest Phone Company KT



Visit Korea with a M mobole prepaid SIM card, which provides the most reliable and inexpensive service.

Pay plan

 Calling / sec

 Video Calling / sec



 Service data

 International USIM





 15 Days


**How to register

1. Remember the last 3 digit numbers shown on the botton park of the SIM card.

This number are needed when you register your SIM card on our mobile webpage.


2. Insert your SIM card into your mobile.


3. Set your phone, following steps written below


-Airplane mode : off

-Wifi : off

-3G : on

-Repeat to turn on and off the power about 4-5 times (Power on / off)


4. Go to 'M mobile' mobile webpage(sim.ktism.com) and register your SIM number and you phone number printed above your SIM card.


※ When you upload the image of your passport, make sure that your photo and passport number are clearly shown. (If not, you might have to upload it again)






  • Inclusion


  • Cancellation Policy


20,000KRW(same as 1GB, 90min domestic call)

* Need registration(Pls check How to register)<br /> * After register can not get refund

The website payment system is worked succesfully at the upper Internet Explorer 8 Or Chrome 4.4 version.
Please follow set up Plugin and please retry payment on website.
If you can't pay on website, you can pay through your card number payment( by handwritten).

The process of the card payment by handwritten: VISA OR MASTER CARD IS ACCEPTED
1. please book for your prefer products on the website.(Waiting a booking)
2. we check for your booking and send the product's availabilty by your e-mail with card payment athorized form.
3. please let us know your requirements and fill out the form, attached it.(Completion of a booking)
4. we'll send the card payment receipt with the confirm voucher for you.