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Pheonix park ski resort shuttle bus(Airport - resort) round trip

최소인원 2인


**Notice : This season(2017-2018) not running shuttle bus, because of 2018 pyeongchang winter olympic.




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After payment I'll send a confirm voucher and card receipt.]

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**Pls choose different 2 days**

For example

Departure : 00th DEC

Return : 00th DEC


**Return[ Phoenix park <-> Incheon airport ]**

When return customers can arrive at Seoul stn or Hongik Univ stn

( if you want to stay in seoul few days more, you also can reserve for A-type )

When you go back to Incheon airport, we will give you AREX ticket ( From Seoul stn to Incheon airport )

at the seoul stn should transfer to AREX


Departure 16:00pm Phoenix Park Resort

          18:30~19:00pm Seoul Station->AREX(Airport railroad express train)

              Arrival at Incheon Int'll Airport





Ski A-type.jpg



제목 없음1.jpg


제목 없음11.jpg





Incheon airport (EN).jpg







Phoenix park hotel(EN).jpg











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Shuttle bus Round trip tickets

불포함 사항

Meal, Personal expense

-Round trip(Pls choose different 2 dates)
-It runs from 1st on Dec.i n 2016 to 28th on Feb. in 2017
-you should transfer to the shuttle bus at seoul station( the staff will inform you) -should be book in advance at least before 3days
-the price is round trip
-please check the cancellation policy and the location of shuttle bus stop
-when you confirm the shuttle, please check your voucher
-the seas are random

[ Cancellation Policy ]
- 4 days before cancellation : 100% refund
- 3 days before cancellation : 30% refund of the full amount
- 2 days before cancellation : 50% refund of the full amount
- 1 day before ~ the day of cancellation : Non-refundable

저희 싸이트의 결제시스템은 익스플로어8이상 혹은 크롬4.4버전에서만 정상결제 가능합니다.
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  • ?
    ChiewKiokTan 2016.08.26 15:14
    Dear Sir/Madam

    I can't find the return button during booking.

    How can I enter it?

    Your early advise would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Your faithfully
    Tan Chiew Kiok
  • ?
    admin 2016.08.26 15:35
    Dear Chiewkioktan,
    after booking, pls reply us.
    i will mach it
    Many Thanks!
  • ?
    Toh 2016.11.16 13:47 SECRET


  • ?
    admin 2016.12.24 16:04
    then, i want to recommend S-type shuttle bus. 06:15~07:15 in incheon airport -> take train to seoul station (1hr) -> 09:00am S-type shuttle bus at Seoul stn
    Many Thanks!
  • ?
    HOSUKYING 2016.11.28 13:36 SECRET


  • ?
    admin 2016.12.24 16:07
    When u book, pls leave message. Like this
    ** Example
    Departure[Incheon Airport to Phoenix Park] : 01 DEC
    Return[Phoenix Park to Seoul Station] : 03 DEC
    AREX Ticket[Seoul Station to Incheon Airport/Express Train] : 05 DEC
    Many Thanks!
  • ?
    Mandy 2016.12.13 20:48 SECRET


  • ?
    admin 2016.12.24 16:09
    yes, u can!
    Pls press BOOK butten
    If u don't know well how to reserve, Pls send us email
    I will let u know datails
    Many Thanks!
  • ?
    karenmak 2017.12.01 15:06
    Dear All,

    i want to book the ski bus from Seoul station/ Myeongdong station to Phoenix Park Condominium . Total 2 Adults + 2 Childs . Can you give me the bus schedule and the link of reservation ?
    Departure date: 26DEC
    2 Adults + 2 Childs

최소인원 2인