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Pheonix park resort ski shuttle bus round trip(Seoul-resort)


**Notice : This season(2017-2018) not running shuttle bus, because of 2018 pyeongchang winter olympic.

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**Please choose different 2 days**

For example(Please write down, when you reserve)

Departure(From Seoul Staion/SM Duty Free shop/Hongik Univ Station to Phoenix park) : 00th Feb

Return(From Phoenix park to Seoul stn) : 00th Feb

Valid for round trip on different dates. 




Ski S-type.jpg



제목 2.jpg


제목 없음111.jpg



Seoul stn(EN).jpg


SM duty free shop(EN).jpg


Hongik Univ Stn(EN).jpg


Phoenix park hotel(EN).jpg
















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  • Know Before You Book
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Payment Notice


Shuttle bus Round trip tickets


Meal, Personal expense

-Round trip(Pls choose different 2 dates)
-It runs from 1st on Dec.i n 2016 to 28th on Feb. in 2017
-should be book in advance at least before 3days
-the price is round trip
-please check the cancellation policy and the location of shuttle bus stop
-when you confirm the shuttle, please check your voucher
-the seats are random

[ Cancellation Policy ]
- 4 days before cancellation : 100% refund
- 3 days before cancellation : 30% refund of the full amount
- 2 days before cancellation : 50% refund of the full amount
- 1 day before ~ the day of cancellation : Non-refundable

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1. please book for your prefer products on the website.(Waiting a booking)
2. we check for your booking and send the product's availabilty by your e-mail with card payment athorized form.
3. please let us know your requirements and fill out the form, attached it.(Completion of a booking)
4. we'll send the card payment receipt with the confirm voucher for you.



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