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Incheon Stopover


Minimum Pax 1 person


- Only for 72hours Transit Passengers.
- You can enjoy Hotel & Tour & Shopping at Reasonable Price.
- According to used date & hotel the price is different. Please check detailed contents(Price, hotel location) before reservation.

Arrive at Incheon Airport - Take Airport Limousine bus - Hotel - Hotel Check-in - Free time - The next day, check-out - Individually, Take Airport Limousine Bus return to the Airport


/1 person

The price is based on twin room sharing, for single room charge added.




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※Incheon Stopover Fee varies based on used date&hotel.

   Please check detailed contents before reservation. 














KAL 승차장(영).png




Passenger Terminal Flight  & KAL Limousine bus Platform
 Section Flight KAL Limousine bus platform
Terminal 1 Asiana, Star Alliance, Cathay Pacific 3B, 4A 
Low Cost Carrier(LCC), Except Terminal2 Flights
KAL Limousine bus Desk Business hour
 Section Business hour (Open year around) break time 
Terminal 1  06:00 ~ 21:30

08:50 ~ 09:50 / 16:20 ~ 17:20
(Can't change the ticket

during break time)


  • Inclusion


  • Know Before You Book
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Payment Notice


Hotel 1 Night Hotel Voucher, Airport Limousine Bus Round Trip Ticket, Incheon City Tour Bus Voucher


VISA, Hotel Breakfast, Traveler's insurance, Personal expenses

- You need to be a transit passenger at Incheon Int’l Airport and your layover period is less than 72 hours.
- Hotel charge for 1 night is included, and extra charge will be added per room for 1 additional night.(breakfast not included)
- You need to print out and submit vouchers for exchanging tickets.
- Minimum regulation : 100% refundable 7 days before, 50% 6 days before, 30% 5 days before, and 0% 4 days before~on the day.

7 days before cancellation : 100% refund
6 days before cancellation : 50% refund of the full amount
5 days before cancellation : 30% refund of the full amount
4 day before ~ the day of cancellation : Non-refundable

The website payment system is worked succesfully at the upper Internet Explorer 8 Or Chrome 4.4 version.
Please follow set up Plugin and please retry payment on website.
If you can't pay on website, you can pay through your card number payment( by handwritten).

The process of the card payment by handwritten: VISA OR MASTER CARD IS ACCEPTED
1. please book for your prefer products on the website.(Waiting a booking)
2. we check for your booking and send the product's availabilty by your e-mail with card payment athorized form.
3. please let us know your requirements and fill out the form, attached it.(Completion of a booking)
4. we'll send the card payment receipt with the confirm voucher for you.

  • ?
    Sherry 2017.07.30 05:30
    My husband doesn't walk and uses a power wheelchair so we would need transportation that has a platform lift or ramp to enter the vehicle. Would we be able to do any of the tours?
  • ?
    Chika 2017.10.04 05:52
    We are travelling with a 9 year´s old child. What will the charge for the child?
  • ?
    Nicka 2017.10.09 15:40 SECRET

    "This is a secret article."

  • ?
    anne 2017.10.24 23:26
    Hello I have French resident card (Philippine passport)while my husband and son have french passport.Am
    I allowed to enter korea with this transit tour without visa.I am afraid if immigration will not allowed me to enter.thanks a lot.
  • ?
    ase 2017.11.02 03:17
    You are allowed to enter Korea if you are traveling from/to France.
  • ?
    tyronee1281 2017.12.07 05:03
    My ticket currently only has 17 hours layover in Seoul. Do you also take care of extending the duration of the layovers or do i need to contact Asiana Airlines to try to extend my layover?
  • ?
    anawathong 2017.12.10 12:27
    Do you still have Package C, Ramada Incheon Hotel? How can i choose this option before checkout? Thanks
  • ?
    Rey 2018.01.15 05:04
    Can I use my mileage to pay for this stopover tours? How much? Thanks.


Minimum Pax 1 person



/1 person

The price is based on twin room sharing, for single room charge added.